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The Intuitive Creatrix

2024 Annual Moon Ritual Pass

2024 Annual Moon Ritual Pass

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Grab this pass to get access to ALL of my remaining upcoming moon rituals in 2024!  

For years Moon Rituals have continued to be one of my most popular offers.  

This offer is for people who already know they love the moon rituals and they want to secure a spot in all 8 of the moon rituals for 2024! 

2024 is an 8 energy year, and I will be hosting 8 public moon rituals. 

The schedule will be released late this fall, but this pass will get you all of the rituals and all of the bonuses included in the exclusive community where I hold them.  

In addition to the upcoming Moon Rituals, you also get replay access to all of the previous rituals, bonuses, magick lessons, and spell workshops that are in the vault in that container from previous times.  

This means you could easily do a moon ritual, for every single new and full moon, lead by me, by utilizing the replays as well as the live rituals! 


Why Moon Rituals? 

One way I advise you to tap more deeply into your magick, AND your manifesting abilities, is to deepen your moon magick practice.

One of the many reasons I say that is because the moon is omnipresent, and understanding the phases of the moon is a way that you can begin to deepen your understanding of the manifestation (and creation) cycle.  

All magick relies on the power of alchemy and creation.  All of it. 

Understanding the power of the manifestation cycle is potent, and connecting it to an omnipresent power like the moon makes it much easier to both understand and remember. 


What is Included?

All of my Moon Rituals have the following components:

  • An intentionally and expertly curated experience, start to finish, specific to the complete universal energies for that particular ritual. 
  • An introduction and teaching about the unique lunar and other universal energies of that particular month.
  • An opening ceremony
  • An energetic clearing and calibration ceremony
  • An energetic healing ceremony
  • A guided soul-journey meditation and activation where we travel together
  • Ritual alchemy ceremony where we set intentions, release, manifest, or work other forms of alchemy together in ceremony depending on the intention of the particular ritual that month.
  • A private exclusive Intuitive Creatrix Moon Community where you can share your experiences and see photos of Angela’s work, the work others are doing, and share your own moon magick.  Membership in that space is contingent on enrolling in the current ritual, or purchasing the pass.
  • A vault of additional moon resources and tools that are available ONLY in the private community. These resources are always evolving and rotating, as I am called.



With the Annual Moon Pass you also receive these bonuses: 

  • Replays of previous New Moon and Full Moon rituals that you can use during times when I am not hosting a ritual.
  • A vault of powerful spellwork workshops where I teach you a variety of different magick spells for everything from protection, to divination, to candle spells, knotwork, manifesting, money magick and more. 
  • A vault of supply lists for each of the spells that have been taught previously.
  • A handful of bonus workshops and teachings included in the vault.


Is This Right for You?

Moon Rituals are perfect regardless of whether you are a new or a seasoned practitioner!   I specifically design these rituals to serve EVERYONE who attends.

You are not expected to believe in anything specific,  identify as a witch, or belong (or not belong) to any particular tradition, religion, or spirituality. 

If you're reading this, this is for you!



This pass is currently on sale for $444.00  

Moon rituals regularly go on sale for $111.00 each, which means BEFORE bonuses, the value of this pass is minimum $888.000.  When you consider that there there are bonuses, the vault of previous teachings, and previous rituals, the value of this pass far exceeds 3k.  

That's essentially $55.00 a ritual!  

(NOTE There is a payment plan option, AND you can also choose to use ShopPay. )
You save considerably by purchasing the Semi-Annual Pass! 

Of course, alternatively, you can purchase individual tickets to individual moon rituals as they become available for purchase next year. 

This pass is for people who know they want them all, and want to take advantage of the savings it offers, and guarantee a spot for themselves in all of the rituals in 2024.


Other Details You May Want to Know:

On average, you should expect an Intuitive Creatrix Ritual to run approximately 1.5 hours.

All rituals are recorded, and recordings will be posted within a few hours of the end of the ritual.  (Typically, they are posted the same night.) 

After the ritual is complete, we take a short break, and then those who choose to stay on for any bonuses I may be offering in any particular month, they may do so.  Please note that is not required, and those are recorded, so you can replay them.


What others have said about Moon Rituals with The Intuitive Creatrix:

After five years, these moon rituals continue to be extremely popular!   I added several upgrades in 2023.  There will be continued upgrades that come in 2024 and I am excited to share them with you!

People tell me over and over that the rituals I hold are unlike any that they've attended before. 

Here is what some others have said about Moon Rituals with The Intuitive Creatrix: 

NOTE: Everything you need and everything that is included is housed inside of the exclusive FB- Meta community.  Once your purchase is complete, a PDF is emailed to you with the schedule as well as a link to the community where you will need to request to join.   By purchasing you understand that you access all materials through the community.  

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