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A Shamanic Mediumship Journey to Visit Your Loved Ones

A Shamanic Mediumship Journey to Visit Your Loved Ones

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Navigating the loss of loved ones and the reality of our mortality can be profoundly challenging.  My work as a medium and death doula allows me to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual, reconnecting you with those who have passed. It's a sacred mission that fills me with purpose and love. 

Understanding that personal one-on-one sessions may not be accessible to everyone, I am thrilled to offer this recorded journey as a more affordable option!

What to Expect:

In the recording, I will guide you through a journey (similar to a guided meditation), filled with direction and assistance to ensure a powerful and safe connection.  I will facilitate the opening of channels and portals to communicate with your departed loved ones, ensuring a protected spiritual and energetic environment for everyone involved. 


This video is coded and layered with energy to help guide, you, but as a recorded video, there are no live components and any processing you may need to do with information you receive is self-led.  

Of course, if you desire support after to process, you can always reach out to book at paid 1:1 session with me as well.

Simple Preparation:

  • No special supplies needed.

  • Join from a quiet space where you can immerse in the experience.

  • Have a paper and pen ready to jot down important moments.

  • Feel free to have comforting items like a blanket or a warm beverage by your side.

Special Introductory Offer: $28.00

This recorded offer is set at an introductory rate, lower than the live sessions, and is done so to make these services and experiences more affordable and accessible to more people. 


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