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Beyond Dragon Magick - 2024 Lunar New Year Experience

Beyond Dragon Magick - 2024 Lunar New Year Experience

The energy of the Cosmos and the Earth unite in jubilation and delight to celebrate the return of the Wood Dragon!  

The Wood Dragon is not coming in alone!  The Wood Dragon is coming in with the full spectrum of dragon consciousness and magick to support humanity in 2024! 

Learn to maximize and work with Dragons, along with the earth and cosmos as allies, in this program, and create the most aligned year for yourself! 

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Beyond Lunar New Year Prep Course (value 333)

This self paced course will help to walk you through a key set of some of my favorite tools and techniques I use with my private clients.  This is created to be a quick and fast self paced process, with a “choose your own adventure” type of style, so that later you can come back in and focus more deeply into any area that stood out to you and intrigued you with greater curiosity.  

You’ll be introduced to new ways of exploring what you most desire and what you most want to manifest (and what areas of your life you want to focus on, making sure not to accidentally neglect any of importance to you).  You’ll also be introduced to ways of exploring, excavating and releasing what does NOT serve you!  

Then you will be introduced to new ideas, concepts and tools to highlight and work with the codes and energies of the dragons and 2024 as a whole, to foster and create the change and transformations you’ve decided you most desire.  This includes introducing you to new ideas, concepts, and tools for manifesting, creating goals, and developing practices to help you create a plan of action, as well as to maintain that plan of action, and the tools to incorporate and use within it.  Maintaining momentum when working with the magick and codes of dragons and the energies of 2024 will be absolutely essential and this course will help support you in that.  

Beyond Lunar New Year Ritual (value 333)

Join Angela for the highly popular Lunar New Year Ritual, as she celebrates a brand new Lunar Manifesting Cycle and all that comes along with that!  

This year being the Year of the Dragon, that will be the theme for the Lunar New Year Ritual!  

The Lunar New Year Rituals include multiple parts including an opening ceremony, an energetic forecast, a group shamanic healing circle, a group shamanic guided journey and meditation experience, an intention setting and manifesting ritual, spellwork, and more. 

The Lunar New Year Ritual is available Live, but is also recorded so that if you cannot attend live, or want to rewatch portions you can.  

The Lunar New Year Ritual will take place at 8pm est on Saturday January 10th, 2024.

Beyond Intro to Dragon Magick Course (value 888)

This course will introduce you to the ancient lore and mystery of Dragons, as well as to the rich body of work that exists across cultures and magickal schools surrounding Dragon Magick.  It will also explore newer quantum expansions into Dragon Consciousness.  

You’ll receive a brief history of dragons, as well as an introduction to the types of dragons that exist.  You’ll be introduced to a simple approach to beginning to work with dragon energy and consciousness, as well as to invite that energy into your life, spiritual practice, and magick.  From there, you’ll be introduced to specific types of dragon energies, the correspondences of them, and then to specific types of dragon magick, and finally be introduced to specific dragon spellwork. 

This is a 6-week course that begins in March of 2024 and will be taught as a hybrid of self-paced lessons and live group coaching sessions. 

Shamanic Healing Circle (value 222)

This healing circle will be focused on clearing out and restoring your energetic and physical vessel to best prepare you for the new year as well as to best receive the energetic codes and activations of Dragon Consciousness and Magick.  It will utilize a variety of healing modalities and techniques that Angela has been trained and certified in, as well as ones that are unique to her as she blends healing traditions from various cultures and traditions into completely unique healing experiences for her clients. 

Beyond Dragon Magick Spellwork Workshop (value 97)

n this workshop, you’ll learn three distinct spells that will support the abundance, creation, and manifestation that will best support you as you work with the universal energies and Dragon Magick in 2024.  

You’ll receive the supply sheet ahead of time, and the workshop will be prerecorded for you to watch as many times as you’d like and pause if you need as you work along with Angela. 

Angela has been studying magick for decades and teaching it for many years.  Angela’s spellwork and workshops are an accessible, fun, and easy way to learn to work magick, while being encouraged to make your magick your own, and learn the basics of magick at the same time. 

Beyond Dragon Codes Initiation and Activations Ceremony (value 333)

In this ceremony, you’ll be guided on a shamanic journey as you are exposed to and introduced to the initiation and activation codes of the Realm of the Dragons that your soul, specifically, will require for 2024 to be the most powerful, magickal, and easeful on a soul and karmic level.  This will be provided to you as a recorded ceremony that you can watch and or listen to both for initial activation and anytime throughout the year if you find yourself called to seek additional codes that you believe will further assist you as you move through your journey with the Dragons.

You will experience

A hybrid of self-paced and live courses, ceremonies, rituals, healings and activations.  I have combined cutting-edge sciences, with deep energetic practices, healing ceremonies, ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings, and of course ritual and spellwork, to create an easeful program that supports you through a multidimensional and interdisciplinary adventure. As a result, together we’ll set you off onto a great adventure into 2024 where you can expect a year ahead that is full of passion and fire, as you soar high like a dragon in the sky, and manifest dreams as big and magickal as the dragon energy itself. 

The last time

The Wood Dragon graced us with its energy as the annual cosmic guardian and energetic muse was 1964.  It’s been six decades!  

It’s no accident that it’s here in 2024!  Combining ancient and elemental energies with the cosmic and quantum forces of the universe, this is the energetic recipe that miracles are often birthed out of. 

And like a fantastic list of ingredients in a spell or recipe, this program has the expertly curated list of synergistically and cosmically arranged components to support you now, and throughout 2024.