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Beyond Dragon Magick Spellwork Workshop

Beyond Dragon Magick Spellwork Workshop

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In this workshop, you’ll learn three distinct spells that will support the abundance, creation, and manifestation that will best support you as you work with the universal energies and Dragon Magick in 2024.  

You’ll receive the supply sheet ahead of time, and the workshop will be prerecorded for you to watch as many times as you’d like and pause if you need as you work along with Angela. 

Angela has been studying magick for decades and teaching it for many years.  Angela’s spellwork and workshops are an accessible, fun, and easy way to learn to work magick, while being encouraged to make your magick your own, and learn the basics of magick at the same time. 

(Access to be given February 9th) 

Please note that if you're looking for the all inclusive FULL Lunar New Year experience you need to sign up for that and it's a different product.

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