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Beyond Dragon Time: 2-Day 2024 Annual Forecasting Experience

Beyond Dragon Time: 2-Day 2024 Annual Forecasting Experience

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PLUS... THIS MONTH ONLY when you purchase the Annual Forecast, you also get A FREE TICKET to the BRAND NEW Dragon Time Ritual-Reboot Online Mini-Retreat in January!  The value of that Mini-Retreat is $444!  And you're getting it FOR FREE if you sign up for the Annual Forecast Experience before December 1st! 

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and it’s bringing all the fire!  

Get ready and be prepared to tap into the energy and leverage it to hit the ground running with the velocity and momentum that the new annual grid will require when the infinite and abundant 8 energy comes roaring in on January 1st. 

Each year is energetically woven onto a unique grid.  And each grid has a variety of currents of energies that exist within it.  These are the energies that are commonly discussed within the spiritual world.  They go by many names, but some know them as “numerology”, “astrology”, “moonology”, “the wheel of the year”, ancient calendars, ancient texts, and the various mystery schools, to name a few.  

In this 2 Day-Experience, we will delve into the layers, rhythms, currents, sequences, and patterns of the 2024 energetic grid.

Along with 2024 being the Year of the Dragon, it’s also an 8-energy year.  These energies will come in woven and entangled together with velocity and momentum that will absolutely demand a respect and understanding of the grid from the start. 

The energies of the 2024 grid are layered with energies and currents that make it rife for a returning to one's purest potential and wilding of one's dreams and desires.   

The potential in this grid for creation, manifestation, creation, abundance, and even miracles is real with the infinite energy of not only the 8, but the energies of the return of the Earth Mothers, combined with the coming of the dragons.

The rawness and fierceness of these pure energies is exactly why a strong guide and tool is absolutely necessary to orient and choose your placement within the grid from the very start, and to chart your course intentionally and masterfully throughout the year. 

Using the proprietary Beyond Compass system, Angela and Kyla will provide a Dragon’s Eye view of the 2024 Grid, introduce you to the energetic themes and currents, and provide you with a workbook to use to help you use this to chart your course into the year. 

Additionally, as a powerful oracle and seer (respectfully) they will also use their gifts to channel through additional layers of information and guidance about the grid in a 24-card collective channeling session. 


Beyond Dragon Time Annual 2024 Energetic Forecast
Beyond Dragon Time Annual 2023 Channeled Forecast
Beyond Dragon Time Workbook
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This is a two-day experience that will take place December 11th & 12th, from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm each evening. 

This WILL be recorded and the recording will be posted within 48 hours of the live.

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