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Beyond Lunar New Year Prep Course

Beyond Lunar New Year Prep Course

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This self paced course will help to walk you through a key set of some of my favorite tools and techniques I use with my private clients.  This is created to be a quick and fast self paced process, with a “choose your own adventure” type of style, so that later you can come back in and focus more deeply into any area that stood out to you and intrigued you with greater curiosity. 

You’ll be introduced to new ways of exploring what you most desire and what you most want to manifest (and what areas of your life you want to focus on, making sure not to accidentally neglect any of importance to you).  You’ll also be introduced to ways of exploring, excavating and releasing what does NOT serve you!  

Then you will be introduced to new ideas, concepts and tools to highlight and work with the codes and energies of the dragons and 2024 as a whole, to foster and create the change and transformations you’ve decided you most desire.  This includes introducing you to new ideas, concepts, and tools for manifesting, creating goals, and developing practices to help you create a plan of action, as well as to maintain that plan of action, and the tools to incorporate and use within it.  Maintaining momentum when working with the magick and codes of dragons and the energies of 2024 will be absolutely essential and this course will help support you in that.

Please note that if you're looking for the all inclusive FULL Lunar New Year experience you need to sign up for that and it's a different product. 


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