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CREATRIX BUNDLE ANNUAL - Rhythmic Living Calendar + Moon Mojo Annual

CREATRIX BUNDLE ANNUAL - Rhythmic Living Calendar + Moon Mojo Annual

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This bundle combines two of my best introductory offers!

Rhythmic living

Use this calendar system to learn to tap into and leverage multiple layers of universal energies and experience greater flow in life and business.

This system of Rhythmic Living is a culmination of decades of my own work, practices, learning, certifications, and application.

I understood a couple of years ago that in order to begin to share the information that I used to inform the timing of the actions I take in life, magick, and business, that it was going to require a simplified system that made intense and dense systems easy to learn and apply for people.

That is why this system was created for the public.

This is the exact system I have used with great success for years, and which I have evolved over decades, but without the necessity of taking multiple courses, and certifications and buying dozens of books (every year).

This calendar layers together bodies of science and energetics including:
  • Astrology, with an emphasis on eclipses and retrogrades
  • Moon Alchemy
  • Numerology
  • The advanced body of quantum astro-numerology
  • The Wheel of the Year and natural seasonal rhythms of the earth.
  • The Mayan Calendar - specifically Galactic Activation Portal Days
  • Wealth Portal Days through quantum astro-numerology
  • Manifestation cycles and co-creation practices
  • And quantum physics and portal energies
In this system, you receive the following:
  • A summary of the year’s overall energies
  • A summary of the base patterns and sequences in numerology
  • A monthly printable calendar with the various energies noted on each day
  • A PDF e-book, monthly, with in-depth descriptions of the energies as well as introductory information about how to work with them.
For years I have been sharing this information in high-end 1:1 coaching, and now it’s accessible, easy, and affordable for anyone to begin to use.

This calendar system is available in a monthly or annual subscription, as well as with or without the moon mojo texting service bundled with it.

Sign up today and begin using this information to inform your own life as soon as the same day.

NOTE:  This is a digital product.  You'll receive this via the email you use to sign up for it.

Moon Mojo 

Learn to work with the full capacity of lunar cycles.

In less than 60 seconds a day, you can learn what the moon phase is as well as one way to work with its unique energy.

The power of the lunar cycle has been understood for thousands of years. Civilizations around the world have worked with, and continue to work with, the moon. And still today, much of the food produced on the planet is done so in alignment with the moon, as farmers often plant, fertilize and harvest by the moon cycles.

The moon is a constant presence in our solar system and our lives and as such, its energy is a constant influence upon us.

I created the Moon Mojo Texting Service for two simple reasons.
  1. Clients were frequently forgetting about the New moon, and Full Moon, and I frequently heard “OH I missed it! I need a way to remember.”
  2. Clients often only thought about working with the New Moon and Full Moon, and only in a limited capacity.
It became clear that there needed to be an easy, accessible, and affordable system to help clients remember the phases, plan for them, learn to leverage all 9 of them and to understand the full capacity and scope of ways the moon can be leveraged in their lives.

Each day in this texting service, you receive a brief text that tells you how to work with that day’s energy.

Throughout the months, you will receive tips on leveraging the individual moon phases for all aspects of your life, including parenting, relationships, health and wellness, in your career, hobbies, and much much more.

Sign up today with convenient options for monthly or annual subscriptions and learn to turn the constant presence of the moon into a powerful lunar superpower in your life.

PLEASE NOTE:  This service is currently only available to US and Canadian residents, and all text messaging rates apply.

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