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Crystal Frequency Scan - 3 Crystal Scan and Report

Crystal Frequency Scan - 3 Crystal Scan and Report

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Discover what 3 crystals would be the most supportive and helpful for you right now, based on your unique energy scan. 


About Crystals Frequency Scans and Remote Sessions:   

Everything, including your body, is made up of energy.  Understanding that, allows me to produce this unique report for your use. 


Through the use of an advanced quantum frequency healing device called a Healy, I remotely scan your energy field and body.  From there, the device compares the frequency of your energy field, to the database of crystal frequencies, and based on your intentions, it produces a list of the crystals that would best serve and support you at the time of your scan.  


What you receive from me in your report: 

This information is then paired together, with my decades of experience as an energy healer, coach, psychic medium, and witch.  I use it to create a 1-page report, that tells you the crystals that would be highly supportive to you, as well as a brief explanation of why those crystals are being recommended, based on your energy scan, as well as channeled affirmation you can use to support you in your work using these crystals.  


Crystal Frequency Scans, in general, can aid you in choosing which crystals to work with for:

  • a specific healing intention
  • your specific general energetic field
  • a specific magickal intention
  • a specific period of time (eclipse season, a lunar cycle, a month, the year ahead on your birthday, etc.)
  • or any other purpose as you see fit.

Once you purchase your session, a PDF will be delivered to you with details about how to submit your information.  Once your information is received, it typically takes to 3-4 business days to receive your report, which will be delivered via email.   

**Please note that due to unprecedented demand during launch, it may take up to 7 business days to receive your report.  Feel free to email me to find out where you are in the queue.  Please do not email more than once every 48 hours.**


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