About Angela

Angela Kaye Simon, (aka The Intuitive Creatrix), B.A., B.S., M.A., G.C., PhD(c-abd)


Angela’s career began as an academic.  In the early part of her career, she taught sociology, gender & women’s studies, and interdisciplinary courses at multiple universities and colleges in the United States.  As an academic, Angela’s role as a truth-teller and spiritual leader had already begun to shine through.  She challenged tradition as she pushed for interdisciplinary programs and courses, and she challenged institutional systems of oppression within academia.  


After an accident in 2009, Angela left academia to recover from a traumatic brain injury.  It was that experience that allowed her to ask deep questions and step into a different path of coaching.  Her favorite part of her time at the university was the impact she made on her students, and she discovered through coaching she could have that same impact and be considerably more happy. 


Angela now runs multiple businesses as an international spiritual leader.  She has combined her expertise as a sociologist, with her lifelong gifts as a powerful psychic medium, to create something truly magickal.  


Angela is revolutionizing the world (and universe) one person and soul at a time.  By teaching people how to identify, excavate, and intentionally shift their programming, she provides both a theoretical framework and actionable tools that allow people to shift beyond the limitations of the 3D world.  As a quantum-informed practitioner, she also believes in educating and empowering people to understand from the start that the 5D is NOT a destination and that there is so much more to expand beyond in our universe, and our lifetimes.  Through this work, she empowers people to revolutionize their lives, relationships, spirituality, magick, and even their businesses.


Angela understands that in order to support herself in this mission, self-care is essential.  When she’s not working she can be found enjoying her furry friends, building out her eco-homestead, cooking, gardening, volunteering, and finding other innovative ways to impact the world!