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Beyond; The Living Matrix Membership

Beyond; The Living Matrix Membership

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Learn to Live in a new way!

Beyond; The Living Matrix is for those who are looking to fully embrace a journey designed to understand their role as a divine creator and expert of creation within their own life.   In doing so, one becomes a true expert in themselves.  And all magick, all alchemy, all creation, that we partake in, begins from within us, to be the most powerful.

You will learn to dig deep (and in some cases, deeper) into your programming and all aspects of your lived everyday life, because it is in your lived daily experience that you have thousands of opportunities for creation each day.  

Diving In

In addition to programming, you’ll also learn to examine other energetic fundamentals of the rhythms of your life, including unique lenses of energy within and around yourself, patterns and sequences of energy, the fundamentals of alchemy and elements, and more.  The more you begin to understand these fundamentals, the more you'll begin to understand the building blocks that makeup not only you, but The Living Matrix as a whole.  

  • Understanding

    Once an understanding of these fundamentals is in place, you’ll be able to use these, paired with the techniques and tools taught throughout this curriculum shared in this membership, to begin to shift your life in the direction of your desires with greater ease, precision, and speed.  This is, in essence, the beginning portion of the formula for how we help you "hack" how to create more joy and happiness in your life.  (And how to understand that you can have it, and that you deserve it, even if it doesn't check all of the "boxes" that society has told you need to be checked.)

  • Curriculum

    The curriculum we provide in this membership is delivered in thematic installments over the course of each month.  The intention is that the curriculum and content is available for you to move through as you live life, so that you can do this, and still live, at the same time.  The curriculum also builds and weaves together with that of previous and future months.  Just as true with life, this is a living breathing curriculum and the lessons support each other.   

  • Included In this Membership

    • 1 Ceremony per month based on the monthly topics 
    • 1 Meditation per month will be released into the group 
    • 4 prompts delivered once weekly that help members dive into themselves 
    • 1 Monthly group channeling 1 hour and 30 minutes long 
    • Channeled Moon Phase pdf 
    • Monthly Rhythmic Living Calendar pdf
    • Inspired Live Processing and Application Teachings throughout the month.

A little more from us!

We are passionate about both teaching the curriculum in this way, and beginning with the fundamentals as described above, our approach provides a more robust and deeper grounding of those fundamentals.  It also allows for a necessary and significant advancement and upgrade to the approach of application of these concepts.  Through this approach, we are able to synthesize and then expand far beyond where other mystery schools, spiritual programs, and coaching programs have previously stopped. 

Our curriculum and pedagogy then continue to expand further into application upgrades by providing you with tools and techniques, paired with a cutting-edge and radical approach to transparency and vulnerability that is central to the methodology of The Living Matrix.  That approach is rooted in our commitment to sharing our own lived experiences and processes.  This allows members a level of access to learning through the energetics of coded application -- something that others in the spiritual community have largely resisted until now. 

This unique approach is what enables members to learn in a multi-faceted, coded, living, evolving, live-action environment.  This provides a deeper ability to understand WHY and HOW to apply the magick of creation, and all of the fundamentals of alchemy required to use it, into all aspects of their individual lived experience.   It is, after all, in the “in-between”, and in the literal lived experience of the living matrix, that the nuance, art, and magick of creating our greatest desires actually takes place.  So it our belief, after years of teaching and doing this work, that it is only IN the lived experience and IN the living matrix, that one can truly best learn to understand and APPLY the concepts in a way that addresses SELF leadership and SELF expertise.  

Beyond: The Living Matrix is an opportunity to learn to leverage all of life’s moments as fuel, to discover, excavate, and create your deepest desires.  And then to discover the abundance of fuel, magick, and joy that life has to offer when you open yourself up to possibilities that exist in the fullness and completeness of embracing The Living Matrix.