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Beyond; The Living Matrix Membership

Beyond; The Living Matrix Membership

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Learn to Live in a new way!

Discover the power within you at Beyond: The Living Matrix, an inclusive membership community dedicated to those who walk the path less traveled. This community is your gateway to integrating the spiritual with the everyday, designed for the Spiritual Explorer seeking not just to learn but to transform actively.  

Explore and Transform

Join our co-led group where every month brings new opportunities to connect with the universal energies that guide us. Engage with the moon’s phases, astrology, and numerology, and delve into a variety of spiritual tools that enhance your journey. Beyond: The Living Matrix is more than a learning environment—it’s a transformative community where every activity is designed to deepen your understanding and application of spiritual knowledge.

  • Monthly Ceremonies

    Connect with the cosmos through ceremonies that align with our monthly themes, fostering a deeper connection to the universe and your place within it.

  • Guided meditations

    Each month, a new meditation is released, crafted to support your personal and spiritual growth.

  • Live Group Channeling Sessions

    Participate in our live 90-minute channeling sessions, an immersive experience that connects you with higher energies and insights.

  • Monthly Calendars, Reports, and Resources

    Each month receive access to one (or sometimes more) of our proprietary energy guidance tools! These may include The Beyond Compass Calendar, Cosmo-Perma-Numeric Report, and other resources. These tools offer you a unique way to align your daily life with cosmic rhythms and personal numerology, enhancing your ability to live in harmony with the natural world.

  • Monthly Energy Forecast

    Angela drops a monthly forecast where she channels the energies coming up in the month ahead and encourages you through the use of tips and tricks to use the calendar and other tools to leverage the energies in your life.

  • Animal Ally Teachings

    Learn about animal guides and animal spirits as they relate to the other energies around us, and understand which animal spirits are present to support the collective each month. Also learn about animal allies and how to read their signs and omens when you spot them in your own life.

  • Earth Ally Teachings

    Gain insights into how the earth and world around you can support you in various ways as you learn about different plants, crystals and other highlighted tools each month. 

  • Practical Self Discovery Tools

    Dive deeper into your spiritual practice with prompts each month that encourage introspection and discovery.

  • Community Events

    Dive deeper into your spiritual journey by building relationships with others who are on a similar path and develop deep meaningful relationships.

Live Processing and Application Teachings:

Throughout the month, engage with live teachings that not only impart knowledge but also show you how to apply these insights in real time. This dynamic approach helps integrate the spiritual into the mundane, making every moment a learning experience.

A Community That Grows Together

Beyond: The Living Matrix is crafted for those who believe in the power of community and the strength of shared journeys. Here, every exploration is a shared adventure, every insight a collective revelation. We are a circle of seekers, each teaching and learning from one another, expanding our understanding of ourselves and the universe.

Join Us and Transform.

Step into a space where every element of your being can be explored, understood, and elevated. With Beyond: The Living Matrix, you’re not just learning—you’re experiencing, integrating, and transforming. Become part of a community that supports your spiritual journey and helps you harness the magick of creation within every aspect of your life.

Embrace your journey, embrace your transformation. Join Beyond: The Living Matrix today!

Join Us Today!