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Animal Intuitive- Healing and Channeling Sessions

Animal Intuitive- Healing and Channeling Sessions

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Do you have a furry, feathered, or scaly family member in need of guidance, healing, or reassurance?


My name is Angela, and I specialize in providing intuitive and healing sessions for animals. Over the years, I've become known as the go-to "Pet Psychic" for numerous clients. Now, I'm excited to publicly offer these services to you and your beloved pets.

 Why Choose an Animal Intuitive Session?

  • Unique Connection: As an Animal Intuitive, I communicate with your pets to understand their physical and emotional needs, offering you insights and guidance that can transform your relationship with them.
  • Healing Abilities: My sessions not only provide clarity but also include healing practices that can alleviate various physical and emotional issues your pet might be experiencing.
  • Emergency Support: From navigating emergencies to understanding behavioral quirks, I offer timely support and reassurance, helping you make informed decisions about your pet’s health and wellbeing.

 Real-Life Stories of Transformation

  • Emergency Guidance: Helped a dog recover from a snake bite and guided the owner through the crisis.
  • Finding Lost Pets: Assisted a kitty in finding his way back home on a dark night.
  • Behavioral Insights: Calmed a stressed guinea pig by explaining his feline brother's protective behavior.
  • Emotional Support: Acted as a birth doula for a mare giving birth, providing emotional and energetic support.
  • End-of-Life Decisions: Provided compassionate guidance for pets crossing the rainbow bridge and continued to channel messages for their human family members. 

 Session Options

Option 1: Standard Appointment

  • Perfect for addressing specific physical or behavioral issues.
  •  One-hour sessions via Zoom, FB Messenger (video, phone, or chat).
  • Includes both channeling and healing.

Option 2: Animal Intuitive Retainer 

  • Four flexible sessions for ongoing support.
  • Ideal for multi-pet households or pets with complex needs.
  • Priority scheduling.


How to Book  Your Call: 

Within 48 business hours of paying you will receive an email from me (using the email you use to sign up) to book your call.  **PLEASE NOTE:  If it is an emergency, you want to purchase the lost pet / EMERGENCY package that covers emergency access.**

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