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Lost Pet Rescue / Emergency Pet Situation Retainer

Lost Pet Rescue / Emergency Pet Situation Retainer

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Protect yourself and your loved ones!

With summer here, this is now is the perfect time to invest in this protection. Summer finds more pets statstically in fear and running away or getting lose and gerting lost. It also finds more opportunities for snake bites, animal bites and accidents. Hopefully, you'll never need it, but if you do, you'll be thankful you made the choice.

One of the most frightening experiences for a pet parent is when their beloved pet goes missing, accidentally gets out, or has an emergency medical situation.

In the case of the pet who has "escaped", while your pet may initially enjoy their newfound freedom, it doesn't take long before they become scared, confused, and disoriented, often facing dangerous predators.

Help them, and yourself, by investing in a highly effective process to help get them back home safely, quickly, and with expert assistance!

Why People Hire Me:

People reach out to me as an animal intuitive, psychic, healer, and communicator for two primary reasons:

1. A medical emergency involving their pet.

2. Their pet is lost, and they are panicked, needing urgent assistance to locate their furry, feathered, hooved, shelled, or scaled loved one.

  • My Personal Connection:

    I remember the fear and anxiety I felt as a child when our cat went missing and the worry my mom experienced whenever one of our dogs got out. I deeply understand the fear and panic these pet parents feel when they contact me. Often, it's another family member who accidentally lets the pet out, adding to the emotional turmoil.

  • My Process:

    When I channel to locate and communicate with a lost pet, I can sense their terror. These calls are energy-intensive, even more so than helping pets cross over, but they are incredibly rewarding. I am proud of my high success rate in locating pets and guiding them safely back home.

  • The Pet Psychic:

    Over the years, I've become the go-to person for people when their pets go missing. While I do my best to be available for new clients, the best way to ensure support is to book a retainer package with me.

How I Help The Pets:

The key to my success lies in the initial moments of channeling. I listen to the pet, just as I listen to their parents, creating a sacred space for their thoughts, fears, and feelings. This emotional care helps build rapport, calming their nervous systems and facilitating clearer communication.

Using my various channels, as an animal intutiive and medical intuitive, I gather as much information as possible from the pet about their experience, rather that means a medical situation, or if that means since leaving home. This detailed communication allows me to provide critical guidance to help you make the best choices you can and togetherfor us to provide the best care that we can for your pet and to keep them safe.

Communication and Support:

Throughout the process, I stay in regular contact with the pet parent, sharing information and assigning tasks to assist in the process. The best feeling is when I receive a message or photo showing the pet safely back home, or get an update that they are feeling better!

I often follow up to ensure the pet is doing well, helping the family prevent future incidents and providing additional support and healing.

 The Lost Pet Rescue/ Emergency Situations Retainer Plan

This membership-based retainer plan guarantees access to me for emergency situations including emergency health situations as well as lost and missing pet situations.


What You Get:

- Guaranteed Access: Once contacting me to let me know of your lost or missing pet, I’ll reach out to schedule an appoint, Contact me via phone, Zoom, FB Messenger, Voxer, or chat within 12-24 hours (often much sooner).

- Up to 3 Hours of Client Time per Incident: This includes the first three hours of channeling and client time. In most cases, this is more than sufficient.

- Discounted Additional Hours: For extended cases, additional hours are booked at a discounted rate of $99/hr (over 60% off my usual hourly rate). We will discuss and create a plan before continuing.

- Coverage for Multiple Incidents: Up to three separate lost pet situations per retainer package. (Pet's must be members's of client's immediate household.)



There are limited spots available in this retainer program to ensure I can assist everyone. Note that certain times of the year, like Memorial Day and summer, see an increase in missing pets, so the queue may be slightly longer.


How It Works:

You can pay for a year upfront for additional savings or choose quarterly payments. There is a one-year commitment due to the limited spots in the retainer program.

How is this Different from Angela's other Pet Intuitive/ Healing Services?

This is a premium emergency based service. Investing in this service, therefore, moves you automatically to the front of the line if your pet has an emergency or is missing /lost.

Where as the other service you're scheduling appointments out in advance, this service you're paying for both the sessions in advance (at a discount) AND a premium rate for a membership where you get VIP access for emergencies.

 Invest in Your Peace of Mind

Sign up today and grab a retainer! These will not last!

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